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2021-11-09: News Headlines

Staff (2021-11-09). Headlines for November 9, 2021. democracynow.org Climate Activists Blast COP26 Draft Statement for Failing to Phase Out Fossil Fuels, Police Raid Glasgow Squat Housing Climate Activists Protesting COP26, Coronavirus Cases Surge to Record Highs Across Some European Nations, As U.S. Opens Borders to Vaccinated Travelers, Asylum Seekers Remain Trapped in Mexico, Poland Mobilizes Thousands of Troops to Belarus Border to Bar Entry to Refugees, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Wins Fourth Term After Arresting Opponents, Crushing Dissent, Israeli Spyware Found on Phones of Six Palestinian Human Rights Activists, Justice Department Brings New Charges Against Ransomwa…

jamanetwork (2021-11-09). Addition of Nonauthor Collaborator Names of the COMEBAC Study. jamanetwork.com The Original Investigation titled "Four-Month Clinical Status of a Cohort of Patients After Hospitalization for COVID-19," published in the April 20, 2021, issue of JAMA, has been updated to include the nonauthor collaborator (group) names in a supplement. This article was corrected online.

Ran NA, Hedberg ML, Rosenbach M. (2021-11-09). Blue Pigmentation of the Skin, Sclera, and Teeth. jamanetwork.com A 69-year-old patient presented with progressive blue skin pigmentation. He had recurrent staphylococcus bacteremia due to infection of an ICD lead and was being treated with minocycline, 100 mg twice daily. He reported no discoloration of his sweat or urine. Laboratory tests revealed elevated creatinine and total bilirubin. What is the diagnosis and what would you do next?

Marlee Kokotovic (2021-11-09). UN turns to world leaders and the wealthy to help with world hunger. nationofchange.org "We've got conflict, climate change, and Covid-19 driving up the numbers of the acutely hungry, and there are now more than 45 million people marching towards the brink of starvation."

WSWS (2021-11-09). Australian Education Union imposes limited school work bans in Victoria. wsws.org The campaign for decent wages and working conditions must be taken out of the hands of the union bureaucracy, and connected to the fight to protect the safety of staff and students by closing schools in conditions of continued COVID-19 transmission.

Abbasi J. (2021-11-09). "Polymutant" Spike Points Way Toward More Durable COVID-19 Vaccine. jamanetwork.com Researchers at The Rockefeller University previously found that people who recover from COVID-19 and subsequently are vaccinated appear to have protection for at least a year, including against variants of concern. In the team's latest study, participants with a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection who received 2 mRNA vaccine doses produced polyclonal antibodies capable of neutralizing a spike protein engineered with a suite of antibody-resistant mutations. The findings suggest that plasma antibodies from "infected-then-vaccinated" individuals may be even more potent and broad than previously known.

WSWS (2021-11-09). The Astroworld festival disaster and the normalization of death. wsws.org The disaster is the latest in a series of "mass casualty events" in the United States, including the greatest of them all, the COVID-19 pandemic, that have become shockingly normalized.

Dana Sanchez (2021-11-09). Could Vaccine Requirements For Truck Drivers Blow Up US Supply Chain And Economy? moguldom.com A lobbying association for truckload carriers warns that the new federal covid-19 vaccine mandate requiring businesses with 100 or more employees to be fully vaccinated, wear masks and submit to tests, will be "disastrous" for the already strained supply chain and it could ruin Christmas. From manufactured goods to retail products, about 70 percent of all …

WSWS (2021-11-09). New Zealand emergency doctor warns of "preventable catastrophe" from COVID-19. wsws.org Northland-based emergency doctor Gary Payinda spoke to the World Socialist Web Site about the low vaccination rates for COVID-19 and warned that already overstretched hospitals will be unable to cope with a wave of severe illnesses.

MEE staff (2021-11-09). Covid-19 pandemic fuelled antisemitic conspiracy theories: EU study. middleeasteye.net Covid-19 pandemic fuelled antisemitic conspiracy theories: EU study | Report finds 'new antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories that blame Jews for the pandemic have come to the fore' | Tue, 11/09/2021 – 12: 23 | The report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights found that antisemitic acts were consistently under-reported (AFP) | Antisemitism increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly…

Magudia K, Campbell SR, Rangel EL, et al. (2021-11-09). Medical Specialty Board Leave Policy Updates After 2021 ABMS Mandate. jamanetwork.com This study assesses how member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) have adhered to a 2021 ABMS policy change allowing residents a minimum of 6 weeks of parental, caregiver, and medical leave.

Kim D, Park H, Rhyu I. (2021-11-09). Gustav Klimt's The Kiss— Art and the Biology of Early Human Development. jamanetwork.com This Arts and Medicine feature identifies biological illustrations that may have influenced ornamental forms in The Kiss and other paintings by Gustav Klimt, emerging from the artist's close interactions with scientists and embryologists and their writings in turn-of-the-century Vienna society.

Safiullah Taye, Niamatullah Ibrahimi (2021-11-09). World faces hunger dilemma in Afghanistan. asiatimes.com The fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban has presented the world with some stark choices. In recent weeks, the international community has raised alarm about the rapidly escalating humanitarian emergency in the country, calling for an influx of aid to reach millions of Afghans ahead of the winter. In the meantime, the new …

Abbasi J. (2021-11-09). Flu Vaccine Candidate Elicits Enhanced Immune Response. jamanetwork.com In a pivotal head-to-head trial, a recombinant nanoparticle influenza vaccine candidate was well-tolerated and induced enhanced immune responses among older adults compared with a licensed seasonal flu shot, researchers reported in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Abbasi J. (2021-11-09). Pfizer Launches Phase 1 mRNA Flu Vaccine Trial. jamanetwork.com Following close on the heels of Moderna Inc, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced a phase 1 trial of mRNA-based influenza vaccine candidates. The program will start with candidates encoding individual influenza virus strains, leading up to tests of multivalent combinations.

Adriel I. Cepeda Derieux (2021-11-09). Congress Can't Discriminate Against Puerto Rico Residents Just Because They Live There. aclu.org In 2012, José Vaello-Madero, a U.S. citizen born in Puerto Rico but living in New York, applied for and received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits because severe health problems left him unable to support himself. A year later, he moved to Puerto Rico to rejoin his family and care for his ailing wife. He continued to receive SSI benefits, unaware that federal law excludes Puerto Rico residents from the program, simply because they live in a U.S. territory rather than a state. In 2016, the federal government sued Vaello-Madero to collect over $28,000 it claimed it "overpaid." On Tuesday, the Supreme C…

Bravo PE, Cappola TP. (2021-11-09). Mental Stress—Induced Myocardial Ischemia. jamanetwork.com Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of mortality globally, and patients who have chronic forms of CHD experience substantial morbidity, including high rates of recurrent cardiac events and eventual onset of heart failure. Further research to identify vulnerable populations, improve risk stratification, and understand nontraditional risk factors is essential to reduce the public health burden of CHD.

jamanetwork (2021-11-09). Routine Smallpox Vaccination. jamanetwork.com The Public Health Service's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the Committee on Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics have recently recommended that the United States discontinue routine smallpox vaccination. For the first time, the risk of acquiring a major infectious disease has declined to a level where universal vaccination is no longer needed.

Osarogiagbon RU, Mullangi S, Schrag D. (2021-11-09). Medicare Spending, Utilization, and Quality in the Oncology Care Model. jamanetwork.com Health care costs are an issue of national importance. Health expenditures in the US are projected to reach $6.19 trillion by 2028, or 19.7% of gross domestic product, an estimated annual growth rate of 5.4% since 2019. The growth rate for Medicare spending is projected to be even higher at 7.6% per year. Cancer spending accounts for a significant proportion of these expenditures. Aging and population growth are projected to increase the costs of cancer care delivery from $183 billion in 2015 to an estimated $246 billion in 2030. Although drug prices constitute the fastest-increasing proportion of cancer care cos…

WSWS (2021-11-09). Organise a fightback for higher wages! End sweatshop exploitation! wsws.org The London Bus Rank-and-File Committee is fighting for a strategy to win, linking the fight for pay with urgent health measures to stop the pandemic and reverse the decades-long attack on conditions.

David Swanson (2021-11-09). Feel Like NPR Is Spewing Corrupt Propaganda? Here's Why. warisacrime.org NPR posted a story called "Feel like you don't fit in either political party? Here's why." Of course I knew why. Neither party supports anything remotely close to my views on government budgets, climate, environment, taxation, militarism, healthcare, retirement, housing, education, transportation, or any other significant policy area. But NPR's story was about a Pew …

WSWS (2021-11-09). New Brunswick's Tory government criminalizes health care workers' strike. wsws.org The Canadian Union of Public Employees' refusal to oppose this draconian attack on 2,000 of its members will only embolden the Higgs Conservative government to criminalize the ongoing action of 20,000 other public sector workers.

Abbasi J. (2021-11-09). Guided Ultrasound Opens Blood-Brain Barrier to Cancer Drugs. jamanetwork.com In a first-in-human trial, physicians used magnetic resonance—guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) to temporarily open the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and enhance medication uptake in brain tumors.

jamanetwork (2021-11-09). Higher-Dose Naloxone Nasal Spray (Kloxxado) for Opioid Overdose. jamanetwork.com This Medical Letter review summarizes the use of Kloxxado, a higher-dose intranasal naloxone formulation, for emergency treatment of opioid overdose.

Mahoney N, Wong F, Yin W. (2021-11-09). Medical Debt in the US From 2009 to 2020—Reply. jamanetwork.com In Reply Mr Uppal and colleagues note that our article about medical debt in the US did not report the proportion of debt excluded because it was disputed by consumers. In June 2009, the first period of our study, 1.0% of medical debt and 2.9% of nonmedical debt was in dispute. In June 2020, the latest period of our analysis, 5.0% of medical debt and 9.7% of nonmedical debt was in dispute. Although we excluded disputed debt to avoid overstating the amount of debt in collections, including it would not have materially affected any of the study conclusions, including the relative increase in medical collections, de…

Smith GS. (2021-11-09). Iatrogenic Delivery for Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction and Childhood School Outcomes. jamanetwork.com To the Editor Mr Selvaratnam and colleagues addressed an important topic when comparing long-term outcomes after early-term delivery for suspected fetal growth restriction (FGR). However, their comparison of infants with a birth weight in less than the third percentile based on suspicion of FGR and medically indicated delivery for FGR did not account for the progressive nature of FGR. The mean gestational age at delivery for the iatrogenically delivered infants with a birth weight in less than the third percentile and with suspected FGR was 37.9 weeks, compared with 39.4 weeks for infants with a birth weight in l…

Uppal N, Lubitz C, James B. (2021-11-09). Medical Debt in the US From 2009 to 2020. jamanetwork.com To the Editor The recent article about medical debt found that the average stock and flow in medical and nonmedical debt have been declining over the last decade. However, we posit that ongoing changes in collection agency practices, debt reporting guidelines, and national consumer laws may obscure the true extent of medical debt in the US.

WSWS (2021-11-09). French anti-lockdown professor investigated for illegal experimentation. wsws.org Raoult allegedly conducted unapproved experiments in the course of a tuberculosis treatment trial, causing serious medical complications in several patients.

_____ (2021-11-09). Farmers In Solidarity With Striking Workers. popularresistance.org It's going to be a very good year for the top dogs and shareholders at Deere & Co. The Iowa-based equipment manufacturer says it earned more in the first nine months of its fiscal year than during its best year in 2013. The corporation's third-quarter results are nearly $4.7 billion. John May, the company's CEO, made over $14.7 million in total compensation in 2020. Reports are that his salary increased 160 percent during the pandemic while laid-off manufacturing workers saw "incentive" pay cut. | On October 14, 10,000 unionized skilled manufacturing employees at Deere & Co. initiat…

David Ruccio (2021-11-09). Class conflict and economics. mronline.org A funny thing happened on the way to the recovery from the Pandemic Depression: class conflict is back at the core of economics.

ecns.cn (2021-11-09). U.S. government's data-collecting system outdated, pandemic data messy: newspaper. ecns.cn The U.S. government's data-collecting system is outdated, and the country's data on the pandemic are "messy, unreliable, incomplete and slow," the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday.

WSWS (2021-11-09). Australia: Property bubble bonanza for ruling elite fuels social crisis for the working class. wsws.org Amid a pandemic and massive economic disruption, property prices have risen at a faster rate than ever before, while wages stagnate or decline.

WSWS (2021-11-09). Three of Florida's largest school districts remove mask mandates in school. wsws.org The assertion that circumstances are now safe for the abandonment of mask requirements is dishonest and unscientific, as epidemiologists warn against premature celebrations of the pandemic being over.

Staff (2021-11-09). Empresas emergentes esperan una revolución de la telemedicina tras la pandemia. cubadebate.cu Desde aplicaciones de salud mental a cascos que realizan en remoto descargas eléctricas en el cerebro de un paciente, las empresas emergentes en la Web Summit de Lisboa apuestan por una revolución en la telemedicina una vez el mundo deje atrás la pandemia. Usar la tecnología para tratar pacientes virtualmente ha sido una cuestión destacada.

Staff (2021-11-09). Julian Assange's Fiancée: U.K. Blocking Our Attempt to Marry While He Is Tortured in Belmarsh Prison. democracynow.org Stella Moris, partner of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, says British authorities have so far blocked attempts for her and Assange to marry while he is being held in Belmarsh prison. Supporters have also raised concerns Assange has become suicidal. "They are killing him. If he dies, it is because they are killing him," Moris says. "They are torturing him to death."

Abbasi J. (2021-11-09). Augmented Cane Could Help People With Visual Impairments. jamanetwork.com Despite the invaluable assistance they provide for many people with visual impairments, white canes can't detect obstacles beyond their length. Meanwhile, guide dogs are expensive to train, putting them out of reach for many.

Abbasi J. (2021-11-09). Closed Loop Device May Alleviate Treatment-Resistant Depression. jamanetwork.com A patient with treatment-resistant depression experienced rapid and sustained improvements with personalized brain mapping and a closed loop deep brain sensing and stimulation device. Results from the proof-of-concept trial appeared in Nature Medicine.

Chahal H, Fowler AC, Patel R, et al. (2021-11-09). Characteristics and Outcomes of Products Seeking Competitive Generic Therapy Designation and Exclusivity. jamanetwork.com This study describes the process used by the US Food and Drug Administration to review potential generic drugs for Competitive Generic Therapy (CGT) designation and marketing exclusivity as well as the characteristics and outcomes of products that have sought CGT designation and exclusivity from 2017-2020.

Courtney RJ, Tutka P, Farrell M. (2021-11-09). The Effect of Cytisine vs Varenicline on Smoking Cessation—Reply. jamanetwork.com In Reply Dr Lang raises some interesting points about our trial comparing the effectiveness of cytisine vs varenicline for smoking cessation. At present, only 1 active comparator trial of cytisine vs NRT has been completed. In this study, cytisine was found to be more effective than NRT during follow-up at 1 week, at 1 month (primary outcome), at 2 months, and at 6 months after the quit day. Lang is correct that participants in this study could use single or combination NRT. They were provided a voucher to obtain an 8-week supply of nicotine patches (at varying strengths) and gum or lozenges (at varying strengths…

Lang A. (2021-11-09). The Effect of Cytisine vs Varenicline on Smoking Cessation. jamanetwork.com To the Editor I have several comments about the recent trial comparing cytisine with varenicline. First, caution must be exercised when stating that cytisine is definitively more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), as was stated in the abstract. This statement refers to 1 trial that compared cytisine with varenicline but also allowed participants to use nicotine replacement monotherapy or any combination of nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges and did not report the usage of each of these potential regimens.

Selvaratnam R, Wallace E, Davey M. (2021-11-09). Iatrogenic Delivery for Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction and Childhood School Outcomes—Reply. jamanetwork.com In Reply We agree with Dr Smith that the progressive nature of FGR, whereby the fetus crosses birth weight percentiles with advancing gestation, means that some fetuses born at a later gestation would not have been in less than the third percentile had they been born earlier. However, we do not believe that this undermines the findings of our study for several reasons. First, we showed that the infants with birth weight in less than the third percentile not suspected of FGR and therefore born later had higher rates of several pregnancy complications than those delivered earlier, indicating that their FGR was not…

imperial.ac.uk (2021-11-09). Grainne Brankin appointed as College Secretary and General Counsel. imperial.ac.uk Imperial has named Grainne Brankin as College Secretary and General Counsel — one of Imperial's principal administrative officers.

imperial.ac.uk (2021-11-09). Proposed illegal image detectors on devices are 'easily fooled'. imperial.ac.uk Proposed algorithms that detect illegal images on devices can be easily fooled with imperceptible changes to images, Imperial research has found.

Staff (2021-11-08). Headlines for November 8, 2021. democracynow.org 100,000+ People Take to Streets to Call Out Climate Inaction, COP26 Greenwashing, House Passes Bipartisan $1.2 Infrastructure Bill Without Vote on $1.75T Build Back Better Package, Court Blocks Company Vaccine Mandate; U.S. Lifts Travel Restrictions; Pfizer Seeks OK for COVID Pill, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi Survives Assassination Attempt, Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager During West Bank Protest, Ortega Set to Retain Nicaraguan Presidency in Elections Marred by Crackdown on Opposition, U.S. Advises Citizens to Leave Ethiopia as Specter of All-Out War Increases, Sudanese Soldiers Arrest Score…

Sharon Zhang (2021-11-08). Elizabeth Warren Unveils Bill to Make Former Lawmakers Close Campaign Accounts. truthout.org On Thursday, Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) introduced a bill targeting so-called "zombie" campaign accounts, with the aim of reducing corruption in Washington. | The Zeroing Out Money for Buying Influence After Elections (ZOMBIE) Act

WSWS (2021-11-08). Open Letter to the Red Pens Facebook group administrators: End censorship of articles on the COVID-19 pandemic! wsws.org The PES calls for an immediate end to the censorship of articles on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by administrators of the Red Pens teachers' Facebook group.

ecns.cn (2021-11-08). Online platforms change how universities work. ecns.cn Challenges created by the global COVID-19 pandemic are shaping the contours of a new internationalization of higher education and encouraging universities to look for ways to deepen collaboration, such as by working digitally, presidents of universities said at a recent forum held in Jinan in Shandong province.

Staff (2021-11-08). Russian volleyball team denies Covid claimed life of budding 21-year-old women's star. rt.com Russian sport has been mourning the loss of 21-year-old volleyball player Aliya Khambikova, whose death was confirmed by her team on Monday. Officials rejected suggestions that coronavirus may have been the cause. | Khambikova was a middle blocker for Russian second-division team Ufimochka-UGNTU from the city of Ufa, which lies around 1,165km east of Moscow. | Her team confirmed the tragic news on Monday that she had died, sharing an image on social media of Khambikova and writing: "It great tragedy has occurred. | "Aliya Khambikova has passed away. We express our condolences to family and friends. | "She was…

Staff (2021-11-08). NHS accused of 'lying' about Covid stats to promote vaccination. rt.com NHS chief Amanda Pritchard claimed that 14 times as many Covid-19 patients are in Britain's hospitals as this time last year. However, even the NHS itself has admitted that Pritchard's claim uses misleading figures. | Multiple news reports on Monday told the same story: Britain's hospitals are seeing "14 times more coronavirus patients than this time last year," and the country faces a "difficult winter," as people gather indoors, where the virus is more likely to spread. | Bizarre situation where Sky and ITV are leading with Fake News

ecns.cn (2021-11-08). China to step up COVID-19 control in nurseries for children under 3. ecns.cn China's National Health Commission on Monday called on nurseries that care for children below the age of three to step up their COVID-19 response measures over the winter.

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