2020-09-27: News Headlines

Karen Attiah (2020-09-27). Africa has defied the covid-19 nightmare scenarios. We shouldn't be surprised. indybay.org Published Sept. 22, 2020- in The Washington Post…

Mehr News Agency (2020-09-27). 1,377 new COVID-19 cases hospitalized in 24h. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Sep. 27 (MNA) — According to the Iranian Health Ministry, 1,377 of the 3,362 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in the past 24 hours have been hospitalized.

The Canary (2020-09-27). 'Immediate action' needed to control coronavirus in London, mayor's office warns. thecanary.co The mayor's office has warned that "immediate action" is needed to get coronavirus (Covid-19) back under control in London. | A spokesperson for London mayor Sadiq Khan expressed concern for the capital, saying: London is at a very worrying tipping point right now. We're seeing a sharp rise in 111 calls, hospital admissions, and patients in ICU. | Whilst Londoners have made incredible collective sacrifices to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the number of cases is now rising steeply again and we have to take immediate action to get the virus back under control." | Ineffective curfew: | Their comments come af…

The Canary (2020-09-27). Let university students go home for Christmas, Labour urges government. thecanary.co University students must be allowed to return home to their families at Christmas, Labour has said. It comes amid fears that coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreaks could keep young people in halls when term ends.Scared and confused: Meanwhile, thousands of students are currently confined to their rooms following a surge in cases at institutions including Glasgow, Manchester Metropolitan and Edinburgh Napier.Students at Manchester Metropolitan University described being scared and confused as their accommodation was locked down without warning.Hundreds of students at the university have been told to stay in their…

Antonio Carty (2020-09-27). "Cheap, frequent COVID tests could be 'akin to vaccine," professor says. zcomm.org I'm surprised there is not more interest in a logical solution that definitely works and is ready to produce now, far easier than an unproven vaccine that may or may not work. Great if it did, but even if it eventually does it will take years to have an effect, that is waves and waves

yenisafak (2020-09-27). Egypt reopens Gaza terminal for stranded Palestinians. yenisafak.com Egyptian authorities on Sunday reopened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip in both directions, the Palestinian Interior Ministry said.The Hamas-run ministry said the border terminal will remain open for three days to allow Palestinian travelers to leave Gaza and let Palestinians stranded in Egypt to return back to the territory.This is the second time for the Egyptian authorities to reopen the Rafah crossing since the coronavirus outbreak in March.According to the Palestinian health authorities, travelers arriving in Gaza will enter an obligatory quarantine for a period of 21 days.The Gaza Strip has recorded…

yenisafak (2020-09-27). Qatar Airways reports $1.92 billion loss amid coronavirus crisis. yenisafak.com Qatar Airways reported a loss of 7 billion riyals ($1.92 billion) on Sunday for the year ending March 31, as the coronavirus crisis hurt the aviation industry around the world.The airline also disclosed it had received a 7.3 billion riyal advance from its owner, the government of Qatar, after March that has since been converted into new shares. ($1 = 3.6411 Qatar riyals)…

WSWS (2020-09-26). Record growth of COVID-19 infections in Eastern Europe. wsws.org The numbers of new COVID-19 infections in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are breaking previous records.

news.un (2020-09-26). FROM THE FIELD: COVID-19's 'deadly layer of complexity' depicted in photos. news.un.org The fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic is adding a "deadly layer of complexity" to the global challenge of preventing more people from falling into poverty, a view articulated in a photographic exhibition sponsored by the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

_____ (2020-09-26). Workers' Rights In Globalised Industry. popularresistance.org The Covid-19 crisis and the lockdowns imposed as a result hit the garment industry hard, causing order cancellations and job losses in producer countries. | What can trade unions do to press brands to shield suppliers from the risk of a sudden loss of income that they pass onto their workers? | "This problem emerged early in the pandemic. In April many brands endorsed a call to action, a tripartite initiative led by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) with a commitment by brands to pay for finished goods and goods in production.

WSWS (2020-09-26). Spain's PSOE-Podemos government assaults protests vs. herd immunity policy. wsws.org As 7,500 army troops deploy to Madrid amid a Europe-wide resurgence of COVID-19, this crackdown is a threat aimed at the entire working class.

news.un (2020-09-26). 'We must open our eyes to the weaknesses this pandemic has laid bare', Belgium leader tells UN General Assembly. news.un.org As the world continues to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftershocks, we cannot 'turn our back' to other pressing global concerns, Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès told the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

news.un (2020-09-26). Amid COVID-19 pandemic, world needs masks, not weapons, declares Prime Minister of Nepal. news.un.org The global pandemic has put at risk hard-earned development achievements, the Prime Minister of Nepal told world leaders gathered virtually on Friday for the UN General Assembly, adding that the ones most affected are the smaller and more vulnerable countries.

WSWS (2020-09-26). Thousands at UK universities infected with coronavirus as new term opens. wsws.org The former regional director for public health in northwest England, Professor John Ashton, said it was "almost inevitable" that the return of students would lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

news.un (2020-09-26). New 'COVID-19 reality' should compel some to put aside narrow interests and seek multilateral solutions, Syrian Minister says. news.un.org As some States continue to pursue their own narrow agendas above all else, the world is straying further from the principles that underpin international norms and the work of the United Nations, the Foreign Minister of Syria told the high-level General Assembly plenary on Saturday.

teleSUR (2020-09-26). Portugal: Workers Demand Gov't Action Against Unemployment. telesurenglish.net Portuguese workers protested on Saturday to demand better salaraies and governmental action on employment protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. | RELATED: | The General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP) organized and convened peaceful demonstrations to demand that the government to raise the minimum salary from 635 euros to 850. Participants maintained social distance and wore masks. | "Workers' ri…

teleSUR (2020-09-26). Peru to Resume International Flights on October 5. telesurenglish.net Peru's Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Rocío Barrios has announced the resumption of international flights on October 5th, following a six month cease on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. | RELATED: | "The Ministry of Transport has been coordinating with the private sector and with the airline operators. A survey has been carried out on the demand that would exist and the need for the number of flights to be ope…

WSWS (2020-09-26). Brazilian educators call strikes against homicidal reopening of schools. wsws.org The efforts of Brazil's ruling elite to reopen schools amid the catastrophic spread of COVID-19 are being met with a growing wave of resistance.

Julian Rose (2020-09-26). Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19. globalresearch.ca First published by Global Research on March 27, 2020 | The following is from a medical forum. The writer, who is a widely respected professional scientist in the US, prefers to stay anonymous, because presenting any narrative different than the official …

news.un (2020-09-26). 'Instead of nationalism, we need global cooperation'; Caribbean leaders call for united front against COVID-19 pandemic. news.un.org Leaders from the Caribbean, in pre-recorded addresses to the UN General Assembly, stressed that their small economies are largely dependent on one or just a few industries, and called for strengthened global cooperation and financing mechanisms to overcome the health crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic and recover from its massive socio-economic fallout.

news.un (2020-09-26). COVID-19 a litmus test of global unity, Thai Prime Minister tells world leaders. news.un.org The COVID-19 pandemic is a "litmus test" of the faith in multilateralism and unity among nations, the Prime Minister of Thailand told world leaders gathered virtually at the UN General Assembly, urging every country to renew their trust in international cooperation.

Mia Barnes (2020-09-26). Is COVID-19 causing a spike in addiction rates? nationofchange.org Addiction is hard, especially in tough world or life circumstances, but with support from near or far, you can make it through.

Zach Conti (2020-09-26). G7 Finance Ministers Support Debt Relief for Poor Countries Combating COVID-19 Crisis. indybay.org The G7 supports a process for debt cancellation for vulnerable countries, they announced this morning after Treasury convened a special Finance Ministers meeting. In a G7 statement, the ministers also encouraged an extension of the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) into next year for the world's 73 poorest countries.

Susan Jaffe (2020-09-26). [World Report] Media reports reveal political interference at the US CDC. thelancet.com News accounts say that Trump administration officials wanted to edit and approve COVID-19 studies and publish guidance without the usual scientific review. Susan Jaffe reports.

Philip Ball (2020-09-26). [Perspectives] David Hare's fiery account of COVID-19. thelancet.com Going to the theatre is no longer normal, although it might be (in the already clichéd phrase) the new normal. It's not just the ubiquitous masks and hand gel, or the absence of mingling as everyone stays in their little social bubbles. The auditorium of the Bridge Theatre in London, UK, looked like it had been prepared for some other sort of performance art, at least half of the chairs having been physically removed. My solitary seat, set in isolation, made me feel simultaneously privileged, as if travelling first class, and vulnerable.

The Lancet (2020-09-26). [Editorial] COVID-19 in India: the dangers of false optimism. thelancet.com Despite a strong response at the outset of the pandemic, as of Sept 22, India has the world's fastest growing outbreak of COVID-19 in absolute numbers according to WHO, reporting more than 5 ∑6 million infections. Restrictions began to be lifted in June, and this relaxation has continued in the face of a continuing dramatic increase in case numbers nationally. Beneath these alarming national figures, the pattern of spread in India is nuanced and complex, with marked differences between states, and between rural and urban areas.

Arielle Lasry, Roberta Horth (2020-09-26). [Correspondence] Models for mortality require tailoring in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. thelancet.com Amitava Banerjee and colleagues1 present the estimated prevalence of serious underlying medical conditions indicative of susceptibility to severe COVID-19 and mortality in England.

Zion Hagay (2020-09-26). [Correspondence] Israeli aid to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the COVID-19 pandemic. thelancet.com The claims asserted in David Mills and colleagues in their Correspondence1 were so egregious that we feel the need to respond, even though some time has passed since its publication and the Correspondence has since been removed from The Lancet's website.

Amitava Banerjee, Laura Pasea, Spiros Denaxas, Bryan Williams, Harry Hemingway (2020-09-26). [Correspondence] Models for mortality require tailoring in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic — Authors' reply. thelancet.com We thank Arielle Lasry and Roberta Horth for their comments on our study1 and agree that long-term mortality models, applicable to people with different underlying conditions, have an important ongoing role in the COVID-19 response, and that they require further development to include wider determinants of health.

Richard Horton (2020-09-26). [Comment] Offline: COVID-19 is not a pandemic. thelancet.com As the world approaches 1 million deaths from COVID-19, we must confront the fact that we are taking a far too narrow approach to managing this outbreak of a new coronavirus. We have viewed the cause of this crisis as an infectious disease. All of our interventions have focused on cutting lines of viral transmission, thereby controlling the spread of the pathogen. The "science" that has guided governments has been driven mostly by epidemic modellers and infectious disease specialists, who understandably frame the present health emergency in centuries-old terms of plague.

Mehr News Agency (2020-09-26). Iran COVID-19 update: 3,204 new cases, 172 deaths in 24h. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) — Iran's Health Ministry confirmed 3,204 new COVID-19 infections and 172 deaths due to the disease in the past 24 hours.

sputniknews (2020-09-26). CDC: Young Adults Account for More COVID-19 Cases Than Any Other US Age Group. sputniknews.com Young adults aged 20 to 29 accounted for around 20% of all confirmed COVID-19 novel coronavirus cases recorded in the US between June and August, according to a new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Canary (2020-09-26). Government should use coronavirus pandemic to tackle 'bad behaviour' in businesses, says former shadow chancellor. thecanary.co Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell is urging the government to use the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic to "stamp out bad behaviour" from businesses across the country. The Labour MP insisted that firms guilty of poor employment practices should not receive state help.Business standards: In his first major intervention since leaving Labour's front bench, he will put forward a Business Standards Bill. The bill will be aimed at tackling those firms that use fire and rehire tactics and zero-hour contracts, avoid tax, or pollute the environment.His proposals include an accreditation scheme for firms that m…

The Canary (2020-09-26). Glasgow University to refund one month's rent after coronavirus outbreak. thecanary.co Glasgow University will refund all students in halls of residence one month's rent, along with a £50 payment for food. | The return of students to campuses across Scotland has seen a spike in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases. It's forced hundreds into self-isolation, and led to the Scottish government and Universities Scotland to ask that students do not socialise in hospitality venues this weekend. | Outbreak: | At Glasgow University, 124 cases of the virus were reported on Thursday 24 September, with the number expected to rise. | As a result, a test centre was established at the Murano Street halls o…

The Canary (2020-09-26). Tory rebels continue bid for vote on coronavirus powers despite No 10 offer. thecanary.co Tory backbenchers will continue to push the government to give MPs a chance to debate and vote on coronavirus measures before they come into force. This is despite Downing Street's attempt to head off a rebellion. | Conservative Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee, has tabled an amendment to the Coronavirus Act. The amendment is an attempt to force greater parliamentary scrutiny of the regulations. | Scrutiny: | A six-month review of coronavirus (Covid-19) powers is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 30 September. | In a bid to appease the backbenches, Downing Street has offered MPs a chanc…

yenisafak (2020-09-26). India fails to curb virus despite strict lockdown. yenisafak.com India enforced one of the world's most stringent lockdowns in March to check the spread of the coronavirus.The shutdown took effect four hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement and created chaos and confusion as Indians were totally unprepared.All economic activities came to a standstill. More than 140 million migrant workers in big cities were suddenly left without work as shops, factories and establishments shut down.In the COVID-19-hit months of April to June, India's GDP shrank 23.9% year-on-year. Although the pandemic turned into a financial crisis and rendered millions jobless, the virus spr…

yenisafak (2020-09-26). COVID-19 recoveries top 75% in Bangladesh. yenisafak.com With 1,753 more patients cleared over the past 24 hours, the number of recoveries in the country now stands at 268,777, or 75.1%, according to the Health Ministry.Some 36 more deaths were also reported in Bangladesh over the past day, along with 1,106 more infections, the lowest single-day figure since Aug. 2.The overall COVID-19 case count is now at 357,873, including 5,129 — 1.43% — fatalities.A total of 3,974 men (77.48%) and 1,155 women (22.52%) have died of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, the ministry said.At least 10,680 more coronavirus tests were conducted over the past 24 hours, taking the total to o…

RT (2020-09-26). Worrying times in Kiev as Ukraine hits daily record of Covid-19 cases, while infections in Russia also continue to rise. rt.com As Western European countries, such as the UK and France, face a likely second wave of Covid-19, Eastern Europe — less severely hit in spring — may be following in tow. Russia and Ukraine are now seeing an uptick in infections.

WSWS (2020-09-26). New bailout for UK corporations as COVID-19 infections rocket. wsws.org Chancellor Sunak's announcement was unveiled outside his office in Downing Street, flanked by Trades Union Congress General Secretary Frances O'Grady and Confederation of British Industry Director General Dame Carolyn Fairbairn.

Derrick Z. Jackson (2020-09-26). Why Environmental Justice Needs to Be on the Docket in the Presidential Debates. commondreams.org If you want to talk about the inequality in our economy, COVID-19, race, and silent violence in our cities, you need to start with environmental injustice to Black and brown families. (Photo: Marcus Johnstone/CC BY-NC 2.0) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/environmental-justice-debates-2020.jpg

Ben Lilliston (2020-09-26). Don't Grant Global Meat Corporations Immunity, Hold Them Accountable for Covid-19 Failures. commondreams.org Exterior of the JBS Greeley Beef Plant on April 23, 2020. (Photo: Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/big-meat-workers-covid-immunity.jpg

news.un (2020-09-26). Repair ugly rifts and unite against common foe, COVID-19, 'or everyone will lose', warns UK's Johnson. news.un.org COVID-19 has "united humanity as never before", the United Kingdom Prime Minister told the UN General Assembly's annual high-level session on Saturday.

WSWS (2020-09-26). Pennsylvania nursing students demand refunds, financial support due to COVID policies. wsws.org Students say their calls for adequate support and transparency, quality education, reduced costs and licensing accommodations have been met with indifference and hostility from university administrators.

Dr. Martin Feeley (2020-09-26). 'You Can't Postpone Youth': Those Least at Risk from COVID Pay Highest Price, Says Doctor. globalresearch.ca The senior Dr

Staff (2020-09-26). Birth Control Is Harder to Get During COVID. Over-the-Counter Access Is Crucial. truthout.org In what was her As Justice Ginsburg knew,…

Beda M Stadler (2020-09-26). Coronavirus: Why Everyone Was Wrong. It is Not a "New Virus". "The Fairy Tale of No Immunity" globalresearch.ca So: Sars-Cov-2 isn't all that new, but merely a seasonal cold virus that mutated and disappears in summer, as all cold viri do — which is what we're observing globally right now. Flu viri mutate significantly more, by the way, and nobody would ever claim that a new flu virus strain was completely novel.

yenisafak (2020-09-26). Iran prepares to impose new coronavirus lockdowns as cases rise. yenisafak.com "We are forced to intensify regulations and supervisions," starting in the capital Tehran, Rouhani said in televised remarks.He said government-run coronavirus task-force offices around the country would make recommendations on restrictions and whether to impose one-week lockdowns.Iran's death toll from the coronavirus has surpassed 25,000 and identified cases on Friday totalled 439,882, according to the health ministry.Iran's health officials have expressed alarm over a surge in infections, urging the country to respect health protocols to control the spread of the disease.

WSWS (2020-09-26). Canadian PM Trudeau provides political cover for criminal back-to-work drive. wsws.org The Liberal government is determined to "reopen" the economy, even as it concedes that Canada is in the midst of a "second wave" of the pandemic that threatens to be worse than last spring.

Eds. (2020-09-26). Hate: A key strategy of the Venezuelan opposition. mronline.org Psychologist Fernando Giuliani analyses the retaliatory feelings of those who wish to annihilate the Bolivarian Revolution, which have been overheating during the pandemic.

Dr. T. P. Wilkinson (2020-09-26). Inferno and the "Fourth Circle". The American Empire and the 2020 Pandemic. globalresearch.ca In 1973, the world economy was brought almost to a halt by a supposed shortage of oil. The ostensible trigger for this alleged shortage was the so-called Yom Kippur War in which the armed forces of the Anglo-American Empire's settler-colonial …